How to Setup Trust Wallet To Trade On Pancakeswap

If you are reading this, you’re more than likely starting out in trading crypto and want to jump into the wonderfully volatile world of trading on DeFi exchanges. In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to set up Trust Wallet on your phone.

Install & Setup

First, download Trust Wallet from your device’s App Store (Apple App Store:, Google Play:

1. Open up the app and click Create a new wallet.

2. Accept the Terms of Usage by clicking the checkbox and clicking Continue.

3. IMPORTANT! Save your Recovery Phrase somewhere other than on your phone. This is your private key to your wallet and if you lose your wallet, this is the ONLY way to recover it. Do not take a screenshot of it. I store mine in a Seed Storage like this and place it in a fireproof safe. Also, do not share this with anyone. If someone has your recovery phrase, they can gain access to your wallet remotely.
After you have copied the recovery phrase somewhere safe, click Continue.

4. Enter the recovery phrase in the correct order to verify and click Continue.

5. That’s it! You will now see an initial list of coins that you can start funding right away.